SEO has opening of Search Engine Optimization. But it’s became popular as SEO, for this reason in this article I use it as SEO. Abstractly SEO means activities that are done to get higher positions in search engines for specific searches.

Meaning of becoming at top positions in search engines is that people who looking for something your company does, will see in search engine result page firstly. Especially with mobile device revolution, search engines became a very big opportunity to promotion and pull someone into a place. In SEO activities, first step is setting a target. The target in SEO is keywords that describe business your company does or your product you want to sell. People put the keyword in to search box in the search engines. For example, an auto mechanic firm could have a target keyword of “automotive spare parts”.

Setting a target and plan

SEO Hedef ve Plan Belirleme

Targets have a great importance for SEO study. Because most of studies are conducted depending upon the targets. With opportunities Google provide to us, we can see search count of the keywords and we can compare with other keywords. In this manner, we can figure out true keywords that would provide maximum benefit to us.

While we are setting the targets, state of the website is very important. Both of them are possible either SEO activities would be done with your current website or they would be done with a new website. Usually official websites don’t have plenty of content, they have a home page, about us, services or products and, contact page. But in SEO activities, we need content very much. But if creating a blog in corporate website would be effective. Second option is creating a new website whose domain name matches up target keywords like “” for our book store example. The website includes telephone numbers and addresses of your company. When possible customers desire to get contact, they call your telephone numbers. Generally online store websites don’t need a blog because these websites have very much product pages.

After setting a target, we need a plan. To set a plan, detailed analysis of the website and competition analysis required. Depending upon competition in the target keyword, plan of the achieving the target is generated. Per month, works the SEO firm done and the progress is reported to the customer.

Why Is Getting Help of A SEO Expert Needed?

SEO Uzmanı

SEO has very changeable parameters. First search engines weren’t very successful at rounding up spam web sites and activities. But now they have very complicated algorithms for spam SEO activities.

Search engines use algorithms to rank websites. Per algorithm assess the web site from a different viewpoint. One of them looks for your links, other one looks for quality of your contents and other one looks for social accounts of your website. There are more algorithms than we wrote. 

When Google is created, spam technics that manipulate search results and trick search engines have been very common. As to Google have developed the algorithms for the issues and when it rounded up spam technics, it has punished websites that implement the spam technics. For example most of SEO punishments are implemented due to wrong link building. Link building is most risky thing in a SEO study. It has plenty of criteria to do correctly and it is not easy. When a website has a wrong link profile, the website will lost their current place in search engine and locate worse place. If a website has too wrong link profile, Google will punish it. For example your website has gained 100 backlinks in a day. But 100 people didn’t visit your website in that day. This circumstance is not reasonable and it doesn’t look like organic. Entire the SEO activities should be organic, natural. Otherwise the website can be have punishment or locate worse places.

To avoid from punishment, SEO expert has great importance. Because doing a wrong SEO study is worse than not doing SEO study. Google give punishment to websites that try to trick it like removing the website from search results. For a useful SEO study, help of a SEO expert is needed.

How to choose a SEO Expert?


When you decided to take a help of expert about SEO, you should be careful. There is no certificate, degree or etc. about this topic. But references of an expert would be helpful for you. Numerous customers of a SEO expert show that the expert does this job successfully.

An expert who guarantees the success without analysis is reasonable and trustful. For example in Google search results; university websites have a great importance. So passing the websites is very hard and it needs very much effort. If someone is saying that your website would locate first place in ‘mechanical engineering’ and the website would remain at the same place for ever to you, this person probably is liar. If your web site is not a buddy, chamber or etc. of mechanical engineers, passing university links is not very possible or it needs very very much effort. You can’t say anything in SEO without competition analysis and you can’t give a guarantee for ever. Because algorithms are changing day to day, search results too.

When you decided to take a help about SEO, we recommend take into account all things above. We provide a professional service and reasonable targets to our customers. To use our services, only contacting with us is enough.

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